Icon Modern believes that if quality furniture can be sourced, designed and constructed around the corner from your office, why buy it from somewhere far away? Local manufacturing means less pollution, less waste – and the wood used to make your furniture might even be from your neighborhood.

I. Concept

Icon Modern is a manufacturer of custom sustainable furniture, architectural products and related (and sometimes unrelated) pieces. We embrace our ability to source unique raw materials from Chicago and beyond (think ‘farm to table’, but more like ‘city to actual table’). This helps to make even the most simple products into never before/again to be seen originals. In appreciating the aesthetic of our products, we hope that people will also stop and consider the ‘where’ and ‘why’ of what they see.

II. Collaboration

Every successful project begins with a collaborative team. We’re the ‘make it happen’ part of the team, who can take your napkin-sketch great idea and figure out how to make it into reality. We also understand the need to keep things within the usual industry constraints of budget and process. Our team will coordinate with the other vendors like steelworkers, mill workers and general contractors to orchestrate a project from all sides (and make it a lot easier on our overworked designer friends)

III. Fabrication

Sawdust and sparks… we get just as excited about this part as you do. Taking stacks of wood and sheets of steel and making things out of them. We encourage the participation of our clients and end users in the manufacturing process, to expand on a sense of ownership and creation. Having in-house control of the materials and manufacturing of furniture, millwork and architectural elements means that we bring everything together just the way you want it to be.

IV. Finished Product

This is the good stuff. Whether it’s the story of the materials, how we put it together, or how it looks and feels - we desire to make things that speak to people. You will find that we are very passionate about our product, you will also find that our unique hands-on process will ultimately provide you with a statement piece that you too will be proud of.




Rocky is the founder of Icon Modern, though he feels that the word ‘founder’ makes him sound ancient. His years of contract furniture experience have taught him how to make our company fun and easy to work with. As a lifelong Chicagoan, Rocky is passionate about sourcing local materials. 


Aaron is a co-owner of Icon Modern, he has been involved in the Architecture & Design industry for over 10 years. He holds a Masters of Architecture with a Bachelor of Science & Design and is LEED AP certified. When he isn’t overseeing design & fabrication Aaron spends his time training his Frenchie Finn to review drawings, so far it isn’t going well.


Mike “Graz” is the resident smart guy, he’s the only one who doesn’t need to pull out his phone when we calculate the tip.  Mike has 10 years as an account manager in the architectural industry. In addition to account management Mike ensures all the fine details of daily operations run smooth over here at Icon Modern.


Ashley brings a fresh outlook on design and project management. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is a sustainability enthusiast. Her background as a designer will ensure a seamless integration of your Icon Modern product into your overall space. Additionally, having grown up in Florida she adds the right amount of weird. 

Jeff Shuey

Jeff brings a broad base of industry knowledge and 18+ years of experience to the Company. As a licensed architect, Jeff understands how all aspects of a project can influence a space. He lends a critical eye to the design of furniture, finishes and unique Icon Modern installations. As an avid triathlete, Jeff is working around the clock to engineer a height adjustable stationary bike base.


Dave, our seasoned delivery professional, regularly fits four foot tables through three foot doors and we still can’t figure out how he does it! Navigating the reclaimed urban materials circuit in Chicago is no small task, our guys do it on a daily basis and make it look easy.


In addition to providing showroom security, Finn livens things up around here. Why don’t we let Finn put it in his own words: Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, squeak, bark, bark.  Bark, bark, bark, bark, yawn, bark, bark, bark.  Bark, bark, bark, bark, treat, bark, bark, bark.   Treat, treat, treat…treat?