Goose Island Beer Company


  • 30+ foot long custom live edge reclaimed elm curved bar top
  • Inverted bookmatched reclaimed elm slab/steel I-beam dining tables, the unique slabs allowed us to be creative with the layout and flip the slabs inwards
  • Inset I-beam reclaimed elm dining tables
  • Reclaimed old-growth wall cladding
  • Brewery private conference rooms include a solid reclaimed walnut live edge bookmatched slab conference table and a custom barrel-stave-shaped ash conference table


  • United Center Bar/Lounge featuring a 20’ operating sliding barn door with glass panels, bar tops, tall dining tables and architectural elements
  • 90+ feet of Custom reclaimed urban elm bar tops with live edge
  • Barrel Stave wall cladding
  • Reclaimed urban elm table tops with ‘internal’ live edge slabs and custom expressed steel ‘I’ beam leg
  • Reclaimed old growth wall cladding
  • sandblasted graphics