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Infinite possibilities.
One simplified approach.

What Makes Us Different?

After 10+ years in custom fabrication, we have learned how to make custom products more accessible to designers by offering more versatile, sustainable materials and capabilities than most custom shops. Our materials are all sourced locally and handcrafted in Chicago, IL.

We also challenge the notion that custom projects are complex. We have simplified the custom process, working out all of the details and engineering on our clients’ behalf so they don’t have to.

Our consultative process combines local craftsmanship with today’s technology.

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Sketch Option 1 no background
custom space divider with planters in steel by Icon Modern
2020 09 17 IM Website Planter 1 PS
2020 09 17 IM Website Planter 2 PS
2020 09 17 IM Website Planter 3 PS
2020 09 17 IM Website Planter 4 PS
2020 09 17 IM Website Planter 5 PS
2020 09 17 IM Website Planter 6 PS
2020 09 17 IM Website Planter 7 PS
2020 09 17 IM Website Planter 8 PS

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The future is outside. Introducing our latest custom collection, featuring a collaboration with fellow furniture maker, Zachary A. Design. The collection pays homage to local craftmanship and the vibrant Chicago maker community.

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