4 Ways We Make Custom Easy

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At Icon Modern, we are challenging the notion that custom is complicated. While custom, by nature, is a longer process than simply picking a standard solution, our 15+ years of experience have helped us make the custom process easy for our clients.

Our in-house services and team of A&D experts take out all of the guesswork. From engineering and full shop drawings to fabrication oversight and installation, our team is there every step of the way, working out the details to make sure your project is a success.

Here we break it down into 4 simple steps and introduce you to the team that makes it all happen.

Step 1: Collaboration + Engineering

  • So you have an idea. It might be based on an inspiration image, a sketch on a piece of paper or even a full rendering. When you work with Icon Modern, it doesn’t matter.
  • Reach out to our experienced project estimators (Nicole for furniture + Amy for architectural elements) and they will work with our team of A+D experts (Jeff, Meagan + Aaron) who will come up with an engineered solution based on your idea and specification.
  • Nicole + Amy can set up conference calls, curate imagery of past projects to help flesh out your idea and send material samples to help guide the spec. In short, we take care of the all the details so you don’t have to.

Step 2: Detailed Quote + Options

  • Nicole and Amy will put together a detailed quote based on the specification and engineering details.
  • We understand a project can change based on the design or budget. We are happy to work with you on options that align with these changes.
Custom Red Steel Space Dividers Drawing Icon Modern Full shop drawings will be created for your review and approval
2019 08 08 10 59 36 Your project manager will oversee fabrication from start to finish
Custom powdercoating dividers Icon Modern Powdercoating process
Custom steel dividers Icon Modern Installed

Step 3: Dedicated Project Manager

  • Once your order is placed, Jeff, Meagan or Aaron will become your dedicated project manager. They will generate samples and detailed shop drawings for your approval.
  • If local to Chicago, your PM will visit the job site, take measurements and determine how the pieces will fit through the door to be installed. Oftentimes we work with other partners on the project including the GC, furniture dealer and millworker.
  • Fabrication is done at local shops and the majority of our materials are sourced locally, keeping our lead times shorter than most custom shops (and it supports our local communities).
  • Your project manager will oversee fabrication, ensuring your project is built to quality, spec and on time.

Step 4: Delivery + Installation Oversight

  • We take care of this too. We can schedule the delivery or work with your logistics partner, handling your custom project with care.
  • If needed, our project managers will be on-site to oversee installation, ensuring there are no issues or address them immediately.
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