Laser-Cut Steel: Ideas For Your Next Project

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There's no denying that designers love a good pattern! That's why custom steel laser cutting adds an extra layer of individuality to architectural elements in a space. Almost any kind of design file can be uploaded into our laser cutting machine and the sparks begin to fly. Custom space dividers, feature walls and signage are just a few ways to incorporate these stylish elements into your project. And with endless powdercoat color options, you can create something truly unique that inspires. See some examples below!

Branding & Signage

Say it with steel. Laser cutting is an easy way to incorporate branding & signage throughout a space, including reception areas. We can re-create logos with a simple digital file and accommodate for lighting (as shown in the River City photo) and other accessories. Have a particular brand color? Our powdercoat color options can match to your desired color palette. You can see more branding & signage ideas here.

Feature Walls + SPACE DIVIDERS

Get creative with patterns! Our laser cutting capabilities can bring to life almost any kind of pattern that is applied to space dividers and feature walls like the ones shown below. We simply upload the file to our laser cutting machine and your vision comes to life. Check out our Instagram Reel to see the process! As with branding & signage, you can powdercoat a feature wall or space divider in any RAL color, or opt for a matte clear or black finish. Need ideas for space dividers, check them out on our Image Gallery.

Reception Desks

Take your branded designs even further in the reception area by incorporating unique patterns into the reception desk itself. We can laser cut signage, logos or any type of pattern into a steel reception desk, creating a memorable entry point for visitors and employees. Featured below is a custom pattern that was laser cut into the steel base of the reception desk. See more reception desks here.

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